Plush Electric Catnip Cat Toy Ball

Product Description:

Introducing the Plush Electric Catnip Cat Toy Ball, the perfect toy for your feline friend. This toy is designed to provide endless entertainment for your cat or kitten, keeping them active and engaged. Made with high-quality fleece and EVA material, this toy is soft and safe for your pet to play with. The addition of wool material adds an extra layer of texture and fun for your cat to explore.

The toy is designed with a built-in squeaker, making it even more enticing for your cat to play with. The electric catnip feature adds an extra level of excitement, as the toy releases a burst of catnip scent with every play. This will keep your cat coming back for more, providing hours of entertainment.

The Plush Electric Catnip Cat Toy Ball comes in three vibrant colors - green, pink, and yellow - making it visually appealing for your cat. The small size of the toy makes it easy for your cat to carry and play with, promoting physical activity and exercise.

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