6-Nozzle Faucet Teeth Cleaning Irrigator

Product Title: 6-Nozzle Faucet Teeth Cleaning Irrigator

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The 6-Nozzle Faucet Teeth Cleaning Irrigator is a powerful and convenient tool for maintaining optimal oral hygiene. This innovative product is designed to be attached to your faucet, making it easy to use and eliminating the need for batteries or cords. With 6 interchangeable nozzles, this oral irrigator is perfect for cleaning between teeth, removing plaque and food particles, and massaging gums for improved circulation. The dry battery power source ensures a consistent and strong water flow, providing a thorough and effective clean every time. Say goodbye to traditional flossing and hello to a more efficient and hygienic way of cleaning your teeth with the 6-Nozzle Faucet Teeth Cleaning Irrigator.

Product Details:

  • Type: Faucet Oral Irrigator
  • Power Source: Dry Battery
  • Nozzles: 6 Tips